Nylon Tube

Nylon tubing is used in applications requiring good abrasion resistance, stiffness and strength at high temperatures. 

Polyurethane Tube

Polyurethane tube is suitable for a wide range of applications demanding flexible and cut resistant tube in applications such as pneumatic control systems and chemical transfer tubing.

Polyethylene Tube

PE comes in high and low density types. Both types have a good resistance to many various chemicals and substances, but are better suited to low pressure and low temperature applications.

Teflon Tube

Teflon tube is ideal for high temperature applications, in combination with aggressive medias or critical environments. They are extremely inert and stable at a sustained temperature of up to 260°C.


Recoils resist kinking and are compact in design; making them useful for use in small working areas as they are neater and easier to store. They are ideal for use with pneumatic tools, e.g. air guns, pneumatic drills, ect.

Bundle Tube and Specials

More than 30 other specialist materials are available. Custom made tube is also available to meet unique, specialised needs. We stock over 100 kilometers of tube.

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