Logic Units

Logic Unit ‘OR’

‘OR’ valves allow air to flow through from either input of the valve (or both, if at the same pressure) to create an output.

Logic Unit ‘AND’

‘AND’ valves are used in circuit control applications that require a combination of inputs to produce a single output. The inputs must be at the same pressure to generate an output.

Logic Unit ‘Memory’

A memory element is a N.C. 3-way valve with an integral shuttle valve. The memory’s output air holds the shuttle valve in the shifted position once it receives a set signal.

Amplifier Valve

The pneumatically operated amplifier valve is a 3/2 N.C. valve that changes low pressure signals into higher pressure signals (2 to 8 Bar).

Send/Receive Element

Sender and receiver elements detect the presence of an object or its distance by means of an air jet. Can be used as a parts counter, part-in-place / position sensor, etc.

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