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In-Law Flow Controls

Series RFU – RFO, Series 28

The unidirectional and bidirectional flow controllers are equipped with M5, G1/8 and G1/4 ports, each of which is available with two different types of adjustment , except for the M5. They are used mainly for controlling the speed of cylinders. They may be mounted on control panels or cylinders, as required.

Unidirectional Flow Controller Series RFU

To regulate the speed of a cylinder, the air flow from the chamber which is being discharged must be regulated.

Bidirectional flow controller Series RFO

The bidirectional flow controller is suitable for regulating the air flow in both directions and for pressurising or depressurising containers.

Construction: Needle – type

Valve group: Unidirectional and bidirectional controller


    • Body: Aluminium
    • Needle: OT58 (brass)
    • Seals: NBR

Mounting: By through – holes in valve body or control panel

Threaded ports: M5, G1/8″, G1/4″

Operating temperature: 0°C to 80°C (with dry air -20°C)

Operating pressure: 1 to 10 bar

Series 28

These are bidirectional control valves made entirely of nickel-plated brass OT58, with NBR seals and a technopolymer control knob.

They are suitable for regulating compressed air, water or mineral oil.

For models 2810, 2820, 2819 and 2829 exists the possibility to connect plastic, brass or copper tubes, using nut Mod. 1303 and cushion sleeve Mod. 1310/1320.

Construction: Cone – type

Materials: Nickel-plated brass, technopolymer control knob, NBR seals

Ports: G1/8″, G1/4″, G3/8″, G1/2″

Operating pressure: 0°C to 80°C (with dry air -20°)

Operating pressure: 0 to 10 bar

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