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Digital Electro-pneumatic Regulator

  • Compact designDigital display
  • Analog and digital input
  • Programmable
  • Zero/span adjustment function
  • Error display function, pressure display
  • Preset memory function
  • 8-set points (3 bits).

Camozzi’s digital electro-pneumatic regulator series ER has an extremely compact design in combination with a user friendly digital display and key pads from which it is possible to read and set all relevant parameters, such as zero/span adjustment, operation mode, error code etc.

Series ER comes in two sizes; size 1 which has a flow rate of 400 l/min and size 2 with 1500 l/min. The control pressure range is 0 – 5 bar and 0.5 – 9 bar respectively. Control signals are 0 – 5V or 0 -10 V and both 4 – 20 mA. In addition, series ER comes in a version with digital inputs (10 bits) in case no analogue signal is available.

Connection of input/output is through a simple sub-D connector.

Another important function available on Series ER (on the analogue input version) is the preset memory function, which enables the user to switch the regulator between 8 pre-set pressure values via three digital outlets only (3 bits). In this mode no analogue signal from the control unit is required, which in some cases can contribute to reduced costs for the user.

The digital electro-pneumatic regulator series ER is provided with either an analogue or digital output, which can be used for external monitoring and is furthermore equipped with a unique extra error output signal which indicates if an error has occurred in the regulator.

As with all Camozzi products, the unit is environmentally friendly, with no lead or polyvinylchloride, and has an automatic power off feature to conserve energy on the digital display.

The series ER is useful for many applications, including: air turbine control, air motor control, tension and grinding force control and fluid discharge rate control.

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