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New additions due in February.

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Griffiths Components have added a fourth piece of plant manufacturing equipment to the production facility. A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) lathe rounds out our cylinder production capabilities, providing many benefits including:

  • Faster cylinder production, cutting lead times by as much as two days.
  • Cheaper production cost per unit, lowering the price of cylinders.
  • Zero error rates, perfect repeatability.
  • Better ability to produce prototype special parts for the automation and control industries.

Components: Steel, polished
Accuracy: Because computer control of cutting tools does not have any error rate, accuracy will be to thousandths of an inch. A CNC lathe will use multiple tools in fast succession on the material which is turning at high speed, to produce many identical perfect parts.

Speed: CNC lathes can produce many more parts per hour, and so long as the set-up is correct, all with perfect accuracy, creating identical parts. A CNC lathe can have 12 or more tools at a time, whereas a manual lathe will have one, which needs changing for each operation.

Cost Effectiveness: CNC lathes have a high speed and accuracy. Quick change of tooling and turning speeds mean on CNC lathe can produce the same amount as several manual ones, and perhaps replace a manual mill as well. The speed of production of units can offset the fact that one of these machines can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The phenomenal accuracy reduces waste on material and errors, the sheer speed of production lowers the unit cost of the finished product, and has produced it in far shorter time.