Bundle Tube and Specials

More than 30 other specialist materials are available. Custom made tube is also available to meet unique, specialised needs. We stock over 100 kilometers of tube.

Special Tube

Polytube – Nylon Tube with Anti-abrasion PU Jacket

For neater presentation and for longer wear resistance, nylon (PA) tubes are encased in a polyurethane (PU) jacket. Upon request different tube materials can be used, as well as have electrical cable encased in a similar fashion. They can also be thermoformed into spirals.


Anti-static and Flame Retardant Nylon Tube

With it’s anti-static and flame retardant properties, this tube is ideal for installation in petrol stations, mines and other hazardous environments.


Self-extinguishing Nylon

Ideal for use in environments where the tube is subjected to sparks.


Twin and Triple Recoils

 Recoils are also available with two or three different tubes to decrease space used and increase organisation.


Bundled Tube

 Two or more lengths of polyurethane (PU) or polyethylene (PE) tube can be welded together. Installation time is significantly decreased for when multiple lines of tube are needed, also improving organisation.


Double and Triple Layer Tube

By adding another layer or two, the tube is made stronger and protection against damage from sparks and welding is greatly increased. The external layer can be removed to make it still suitable for use with push-in fittings.


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