Air compressors have a relatively simple design and can be sized all the way from the extremely powerful, to ones that can just drive small pneumatic tools. An air compressor takes air from the atmosphere into an intake port, and using mechanical means (pistons, screws, rotary sliding vanes) pushes that air into a smaller area. As more and more air is pushed into the smaller area (the receiver or the air tank on a compressor) the pressure continues to increase inside that tank.

They have relatively few parts and hence require little maintenance. Compressors last for years and are versatile and compact as well. They can be used for a great number of applications, from heavy equipment on manufacturing shop floors, to cleaning areas in gas stations, for automation and packaging of goods and even in homes and small garages to power small pneumatic tools and pressure cleaning equipment. They are used for any purpose that requires air in reduced volume or increased pressure.

Griffiths Components have a wide range compressors that are suitable for any application. Our engineers can guide you as to which compressor meets your requirements.

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