Vacuum Cups


 These are the most common cups, used in most industries for handling plastic objects, cardboard boxes, wooden panels, thin metal or glass sheets, ect. They are available with diameters ranging from 4mm to 100mm. They are not recommended for the vertical handling of heavy loads.


The particular shape of these cups allows them to quickly crumple up as soon as they come into contact with the load to be held, when in the presence of a vacuum, thus lifting the load a few centimetres, independently from the movements of the automatism. This rapid movement prevents the load underneath from remaining attached to the lifted load. Bellow cups are recommended for handling paper or cardboard sheets, wooden panels, glass sheets, ect. Thanks to their great flexibility, they can be also used for compensating flatness errors or for gripping on inclined surfaces. However, they are not suited for vertical handling of heavy loads.

Flat, Circular and Rectangular

These cups are suited for vertical or horizontal handling of heavy loads, such as metal sheets with a large thickness, as well as marble, granite, ect.

Foam Rubber

These cups allow handling and gripping of loads with uneven or very rough surfaces, such as textured metal sheets, corrugated metal sheets, garden tiles, roofing tiles, ect.


These cups have a high friction coefficient which allows them to be used for handling in every direction. Suitable for lubricated metal sheets, wet marble, glass and in general all loads subject to high accelerations or decelerations when handled.

Circular Rim

These cups are designed to lift objects with a hole in the centre. Their particularly thin lip allows them to grip very rough surfaces, such as grinding wheels and discs. They are especially useful for handling DVDs, CDs, perforated discs, toothed wheels, pulleys and other similar items.

Oval Flat

These cups are ideal for applications where there’s a limited gripping surface.

Special Cups

These cups have been made to solve the many problems linked to gripping and handling. These cups are distinguished from all of the other cups by their unique shapes. Their applications range from picking up CDs, labels, bags, chocolates, biscuits, sheets of paper or plastic, stickers, cartons to tiles, etc…

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