Grippers are usually used to change orientation or to move an object as in a pick-and-place operation.

Finding the right gripper for your handling task is easy with Camozzi’s range of pneumatic grippers. Angular, parallel, and three-jaw grippers are available, with a wide variety of options, range of pressures and gripping force. There are also wide-opening parallel grippers for handling significantly larger objects.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are used to provide impact and noise absorption when stopping objects in motion. These are suitable for different applications such as low load/high speed or high load/low speed applications.

Rod Locks

Rod lock units are used to hold a cylinder, with a load, in position during Emergency Stop conditions or when the air supply may be accidentally disconnected from the system.


The Hydrocheck is a self-contained hydraulic resistance unit that is used to add hydraulic accuracy and smoothness to the fast, resilient action of pneumatic devices.

The Hydrocheck puts precision control into pneumatic cylinder extension/retraction, linear actuators, work feed and drill feed systems without the cost and complexity of hydraulic pumps, valves and reservoirs.

Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cups are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, materials (with differing chemical resistances), strengths and can grip externally or internally, depending on the job requirements. Applications can range from picking up uneven and porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard and wood, delicate items such as porcelain pieces or panes of glass, right through to enormous weights such as large slabs of marble or even very heavy engine blocks.

Octopus Gripper

The Vuototecnica Octopus gripper system has been designed to overcome the handling problems in automated material handling and robotic palletising. A totally unique concept, offering unrivaled flexibility and most important of all, ease of use and integration.

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