Air Cylinders

Roundline ISO Cylinders – Series 16, 24, 25

 These mini series of cylinders, have a stainless steel tube and rod, aluminium end caps, meet ISO standards and have a design that is easy to clean. They range from 8 to 25 mm bores.

Tie-rod ISO Cylinders -Series 60, 61, 62

These series have an aluminium barrel and end caps, stainless steel rod and meet ISO requirements. They range from 32 to 125 mm bores.

Compact ISO Cylinders – Series 32

Due to their compact design, this series is ideal for installation in restricted spaces. Series 32 cylinders have an aluminium barrel and end caps, stainless steel rod and meet ISO mounting/accessories requirements. They range from 20 to 100 mm bores.

Roundline Cylinders – Series 27

This series has been designed to minimise size as much as possible. Series 27 cylinders have a stainless steel tube and rod, aluminium end caps and as suitable for assembling with magnetic sensors. Their design makes them easy to clean. They range from 20 to 63 mm bores.

316 Stainless Steel Cylinders – Series 90, 92

Both series are constructed from stainless steel. They are suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions such as off-shore, naval, pharmaceutical, nuclear and food industry applications. There’s also a mini series available.

Guided Cylinders – Series QC, QX

The QC and QX Series are used in applications where high precision, fast cycling and limitation of rotational movement is needed. The QC Series are designed for applications where space is restricted. The QX Series with two piston rods, are suitable for applications requiring high force, yet precise movement. The QC Series range from 20 to 63 mm bores. The QX Series range from 10 to 32 mm bores.

Miniature Cylinders – Series 14

Designed for installation in small places. Their design allows them to be inserted in threaded blocks that can be incorporated into a machine. They range from 6 to 16 mm bores.

Compact Cylinders – Series QN, QP

Series QN are very compact and sturdy, making them suitable for positioning and locking. Series QP are also very compact and are available with non-rotating guides, making them suitable for supply operations and for handling equipment. Series QN range from 8 to 63 mm bores. Series QP range from 12 to 100 mm bores.

Rodless Cylinders – Series 50, 52

Rodless cylinders are suitable for long-stroke applications because they are protected from bending, piston binding, and uneven seal wear. They are used in a variety of material handling, loading, feeding, lifting, and web cutting applications. They are also used in sliding carriers, conveyors, and spraying equipment.

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