Our workshop is set up for low and high production runs of pneumatic and electronic assemblies, of low or high complexity. A job which is a distraction to your workshop is easily facilitated in our dedicated assembly areas. Speak to us about having your supply delivered to you complete, tested and ready to bolt on.

Here are just a few examples of our assemblies:

MAC 206 Control Box

One of our many pneumatic control boxes.


MAC 206 Control Box – Inside

A glimpse inside of one of our pneumatic control boxes


Actuated Ball Valve

Supplied assembled so you can just fit it into your pipeline.  Butterfly valves can also come pre-mounted onto an actuator.


Pre-Mounted Valve Panels with Fittings

Valves, with required fittings, can be mounted onto plates, of various sizes, so you can just incorporate them into your machinery, put them into a control box or add them to an existing panel.  Just plug in tube and you’re ready to go.